Mark Esterholdt rest in peace
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One Of Our Own

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to our friend, peer, and beloved member of our family Mark Esterholdt.

Mark lost his life September 29, 2016 on his commute to work around 0630. He was involved in a single vehicle accident on Interstate 80. Several agencies responded to the accident. Mark was transported to Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County where he succumbed to his injuries.

Mark has been a valued member of our family here at Sweetwater Medics since 2012. He lived his life in service to the profession, with empathy, and integrity. He was precise in the details of what he did on a day to day basis with a meticulousness of someone with true passion for the profession.

We write this message to inform you all of this sad news – to reach out to you – to share with one another our grief as we cope with his loss. We encourage all of you to support one another as we remember together the life that he led, the service he gave, and the many ways he touched those around him. Each person experiences grief in their own way please be respectful of one another during this difficult time.

A Local Celebration of Marks Life and and Service is planned for Thursday October 13th, 6 pm At Sante-Fe Trail Restaurant in Rock Springs Wyoming


Steven Kourbelas, Ron Gatti, Paul Berry and All of the Sweetwater Medics Family

On a personal note… Mark, Brother, it was an honor serving with you, We are forever grateful for getting to know you and work with you, rest easy knowing that your legacy will be carried on by your child, and your passion for EMS will be carried on by your fellow workers. Rest in peace, well take it from here.

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